Ladies of London, the Forgotten Darlings of Bravo

December always seems to be a month of reflection. It’s a time of year to remember the highs, the lows, and everything in between. And while there has been a substantial amount of good that has happened for me in 2017, I’d be remiss to say that a part of me didn’t die a little when Bravo officially announced the cancelation of my favorite television program, Ladies of London.

Caroline Stanbury 3

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a die hard Housewives fan since I was in the eighth grade — that’s eleven of my formative and early adult years spent watching the trials and tribulations of middle-aged social climbers. I’ve seen it all — the table flipping, the name calling, the ugly crying, and shameless self promotion — and my love for each and every RH franchise runs deep (excluding Potomac and Miami, of course). However, I must say that when I discovered Ladies of London one fateful afternoon whilst in my couch potato stage of post-grad life, it immediately became my favorite show on Bravo. As I like to put it, the show had me at Juliet slurring to Caroline Stanbury, “Did you just straddle my husband?”

Marissa Hermer

I’ve never been to the UK, but I’ve watched Downton Abbey and read Jane Austen enough times that I would consider myself a tried and true Anglophile. And let me tell you, the “ladies” have just the right amount of dry sass and memorable one liners that the show is a slightly more respectable (though utterly pretentious) version of Housewives. If I could compare it to any particular Housewives franchise, it would definitely be most similar to RHOBH, as it’s apparent all of the women are legitimately wealthy and connected to second-tier royals/celebs. Plus, viewers have the pleasure of hearing a bunch of American women channel Madonna, using pseudo British accents for nearly half of every episode. Instead of one Dorit, there are give or take three. I mean, what’s not to love?


To keep the memory of the show alive, I purchased each season on Amazon Video (thank you, Jeff Bezos). And rewatching the show, I’m still puzzled as to why it never became an overnight success. There are just so many compelling storylines. Whether it’s the rise and ultimate dissolution of Caroline Stanbury’s upscale e-commerce business, Gift Library, Marissa swearing allegiance to the Queen and becoming a British citizen in S1 only to move back to California with her family at the end of S3, or Annabelle’s ongoing malaise (all roads lead back to Alexander McQueen), it’s just gold.

Caroline Stanbury 2

While Caroline and Marissa may no longer be living in London and the show is just a faint memory to most, in my book, Ladies of London will go down in history as one of Bravo’s best shows of all time. Call me a super fan, I suppose. You know I preordered Marissa Hermer’s cookbook “An American Girl in London,” (which I find slightly ironic, as Herms moved back to the states before the book was officially released), learned how to make the Juliet Spritzer (sauvignon blanc, club soda, and lemon), and continue to follow all the OGs on Instagram. Every time I hear the nostalgic sounds of Lady Gaga’s “Hey Girl” or Fergie’s “London Bridge,” I’ll forever think of the ladies and their goofy promo commercials.