7 Iconic Movie Characters to Channel this Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that I typically don’t think about until days approaching and my costume is either a weird blend of clothing from Goodwill or a recycled costume I wore years prior. However, after I went to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, N.C. with a few of my friends last year, I was so inspired by the different costumes I saw, I realized the perks of planning costumes for Halloween. Constantly inspired by movies, here’s a list of 7 iconic movie characters that you can channel this Halloweekend.

  1. Dororthy, The Wizard of Oz (The OG Gingham Girl)

Although I often consider myself the OG of gingham girls, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz made the print popular long before my time. Since gingham was an extremely popular print in the Spring and Summer seasons, there’s no need to pick up the costume at a Halloween store. All that’s needed is a gingham dress, a short sleeved blouse, ruffled socks, hair ribbon, and ruby red heels. The scarecrow, tin man, lion, and Toto are optional.

2. Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction (The Twist Champion)

Calling all lovers of bob haircuts and twist dance moves: channel Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character, Mia Wallace, for Halloween this year. Mia Wallace’s style is minimalistic, but with her bob haircut and red lipstick, her style is anything but basic. To recreate her look, wear a white blouse with a lace bralettte underneath, a pair of cropped black pants, and either black heels or flats.

3. Darla, Dazed and Confused (The Queen Bee of Senior Jerseys and Air Raids) 

Parker Posey’s character Darla was the queen of mean in Dazed and Confused who audience members loved to hate. This costume idea is perfect for a friend group and fairly simple to achieve. All that’s needed is a jersey, a pair of cut offs or striped shorts, athletic socks, and a pair of Nike’s. To truly replicate Darla’s costume, buy iron-on letters so you can put “Seniors” on the front of the jersey.

4. Jo Stockton, Funny Face (The Elaine Benes Dancer)

Halloween is one night out of the year where many basic twenty-somethings dress up as Holly Golightly to pay homage to their style icon, Audrey Hepburn. But any true Audrey fan has seen more than one of her movies. So, last year I decided to channel Jo Stockton, the book lover turned model, from Funny Face. The look is extremely simple to replicate, just throw your hair up in a ponytail and wear a black turtleneck, cropped skinny pants, black loafers, and white socks. You may get mistaken for dressing like Michael Jackson, but just start dancing like Jo (i.e. not very well) and people will know you’re not the moonwalking M.J.

5. Scarlett O’ Hara, Gone with the Wind (The Master of the RBF) 

The only thing bigger than Scarlett O’ Hara’s hoop skirt is her personality. To pull off this look, buy a costume (or do what she did and make one out of the drapes) and throw some serious shade. The key to channelling Scarlett O’ Hara is smiling and quickly reverting to RBF while saying things like, “tomorrow is another day,” “great balls of fire,” and “fiddle dee-dee.”

6. Annie Hall, Annie Hall (The Absent Minded Prepster)

She’s androgynous, she’s quirky, she’s Annie Hall. This is a great costume idea for any prepster who has a fond appreciation for Ralph Lauren clothing, circa 1977. To master this look, you need to wear a white oxford shirt, a dark vest, a printed tie, chino pants, and a pair of winged tips. Psychoanalytical babble and fedoras are optional.

7. Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby (The Flapper)

Daisy may very well be one of my least favorite characters in American literature, but it’s impossible to deny that her style is on point in the film adaptations of The Great Gatsby. Personally, I like Mia Farrow’s depiction of Jay’s main squeeze more than Carey Mulligan’s, but I digress. To channel her roaring 20s look, wear a flapper dress, a foax fur stole, Mary Jane heels, pearls, and a jeweled headband. Perfect the art of the Charleston dance and you’ll be golden.