Making the Cut: Why Bobs are the Best

While I’d like to think I share a thousand similarities with A-list celebrities and fashionistas, I’m sure that my expectations would probably exceed reality. However, it is fact that I have one thing in common with Anna Wintour, Karlie Kloss, and Taylor Swift–the bob.

How do I  even begin to explain the bob? Two words: it’s flawless.  I’ve been a fan since the tenth grade, when I made the decision that my face shape was better suited for short hair. When I first saw myself with the tapered haircut as I sat in the black swivel chair at Vidal Sassoon, I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After more than five years with this hair style, here’s what I’ve learned about the bob.

1. It’s the Sally Albright of hair styles–high maintenance, but you think it’ll be low maintenance. 

I’m typically not the kind of girl to spend copious amounts of time styling my hair when I get ready in the morning, so if you are a ‘let your hair air-dry throughout the day’ type of gal, you’re going to have to adapt your routine if you want the bob to work. My advice: if you have naturally wavy hair, style your bangs using a rounded brush and a blow dryer as soon as you get out of the shower (tip: I like to straighten my bangs a tad after they’re dry, so that they won’t have a 90s DJ Tanner-esque poof). That way, if you do let the rest of your hair air-dry, your bangs won’t turn into a curly mess.

2.  Having a unique hair style practically guarantees that you’ll receive several compliments from random strangers pertaining to your hair. 

Going to a liberal arts school in the south, I’ve learned that conformity in appearance is real. I swear, I still have a hard time distinguishing four seemingly identical looking girls in one of my classes–they have the same long hair style and wear variations of similar outfits every single class. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with dressing like your friends–gingham girls are not basic. As the one of the few girls who has a blunt bob on campus, I’ll usually receive a compliment or two from a random person every now and again. While it may be something along the lines of, “Your hair looks so awesome. I could never cut my hair as short as you do,” take it with a grain of salt–not everyone has the chops to pull off the bob (pun intended).

3. Sunglasses paired with a bob makes for a great look…and can help avoid potentially awkward situations.  

It’s a running joke between my friends and I that my bob and Ray Ban Wayfarers are my signature look. Just like bangs can frame one’s face exceptionally well, sunglasses can compliment one’s bob. Throwing on a pair of sunnies can also save you from any and all awkward situations you wish to avoid–I’ve come to the consensus that sunglasses and a well framed haircut tend to be like blinders for horses at the Kentucky Derby. With nearly two thirds of your face covered with hair and plastic, consider the bob your very own shield.

4. Even when it grows out a few inches, it still looks good. 

I tend to get a haircut between three and four times a year, so my bob usually grows out a few inches before I make a visit to the hair salon. The bob turns into a lob, which if you haven’t heard, is all the rage right now.

5. It’s short and sweet. 

One of the many great things about the bob is its short length. With a bob, you’ll never be at a party and accidentally hit someone in the face with your Rapunzel-flow while attempting to get your groove on the dance floor. The bob is fun and tends to bounce while making any sudden head movement, but like any proper hairstyle–it keeps to itself.